Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eye infections and EBay listings…..



Yep!  That just about sums up my last couple of weeks!  I really wanted to start some sewing projects but it’s rather difficult with blurred vision.  I’ve been to the eye doctor every couple of days for the past two weeks now and we’re hoping that my eyes are now on the mend.   I guess I can thank those $100 eye drops!  Funny how that doesn’t seem too expensive when you’re talking about your eyes.


Between eye doc visits I have been getting a few more listings done on EBay.  I have a darling Kestner baby listed as well as a Heubach Koppelsdorf shoulderhead.  The Kestner has a few issues….but the Huebauch is in perfect condition and is just in need of a body.  Two little fixer uppers that I just never got around to doing.   These two along with others, turned into more projects than I could complete in a lifetime! 


I am so happy to tell you that Pancho and Panchita sold!  You really have no idea how thrilled I am to be able to walk to my bed without stumbling over them in their boxes!!!  I’m hoping to keep this clearing out process going!!!  My hubby is glad too!  He thought for sure he was going to have to sign me up for the next season of Hoarders!!!

Just click on the highlighted doll names above to see my listings.

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