Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinterest….Because I don’t daydream enough!!


Oh yes….Pinterest!  What a great concept!  All those great pictures, ideas, recipes, etc. that we love all in one place.  I just have to wonder if I really needed another reason to spend my time daydreaming and browsing the web???  I’ve already perfected daydreaming to the point of hours being lost in my day so does this mean I could be lost for days??? 

Seriously, Pinterest is wonderful!  It’s for sure my latest love!  Everything pinned away in one place for easy access.  And best of all it’s even on my phone!   Great for those trips to the doctor’s office or car repair shop.  Great as long as your battery lasts! 

I’m just getting started with my pins and boards.   They are a little bare…but coming along.  Obviously others have been pinning for a little longer than I have and have beautiful boards!  What fun!!  You’ll love it!!

So if you catch the bug and find yourself in Pinterest ….please join me!


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