Friday, January 6, 2012

Annette Himstedt’s Pancho and Panchita



I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolution lists.  Mainly because I never stick to them!  But I do like to start the new year off with thinking of things that will motivate me in the coming year.  One of those things is to start weeding thru the dolls I have accumulated! 

I’m a hoarder…I admit it!!  It was bad enough to start downsizing my own collection but since my mother died it’s out of control!!   I inherited my mother’s collection of dolls also and it’s just way too many dolls for one house.  So this week I have listed the first two dolls for sale on EBay.  Yea!!!

Listed for auction are Pancho and Panchita.  A beautiful pair of Annette Himstedt dolls.  Pancho is even hand signed by Annette.  How cool is that???  These dolls are just beautiful!  If I didn’t have the full set of Barefoot Children I wouldn’t think of selling them.  But they really need to be with someone who will enjoy them instead of being stored away.


Both are mint in their original boxes and also have their original shipping boxes.  Someone will be very happy when they win this auction!!

Here is the link to my EBay listing…..

Whispering Hills EBay Auction Pancho and Panchita

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