Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A day on Magazine Street

Sunday I went shopping with my daughter. We've been wanting to go to Magazine Street to browse the antique shops for months. We finally decided to just go! Only a few minutes and I remember exactly why I love it! You don't have to buy a thing. Just being there is enough!

After some shopping we took a break at Sucre....the most fantastic candy shop ever! The candy looks too pretty to eat....perfect and glittery! The displays are to die for! So beautiful and tempting!

Not only are the displays wonderful...the packaging is adorable! Little purses of candy! How awesome is that!

We wondered the Garden District to see if we could find the B&B we stayed at ten years ago. That was a great trip! Jen was in her first year of med school and really deserved a break. We stayed in the Garden District and rode the street car to the city every day. We did the whole Anne Rice tour. Glad we did! At the time you could still tour St. Elizabeths. I think it has been turned into condos now. So we roamed around a bit trying to remember the street of the old B&B. I couldn't resist the kitty lounging on the front porch. Doesn't he make you want to curl up on his porch with him?

It didn't take us long to find the place where we stayed and first fell in love with the city. We couldn't believe it was empty! And for sale! Oh if I had the money! I can't think of anything better than running a bread and breakfast in the Garden District!

As we approached the house the streetcar was leaving. Ahhhhhhh......I love streetcars! Romantic vissions of them of course!

Of course we also stopped to see Lafayette #1 Cemetary. As morbid as that may sound to some...you really have to see them to appreciate the beauty. The cemetary is so peaceful and beautiful. It was closed Sunday and had a sign hanging that due to filming the grass would not be cut until May 29. It really looked like a step back in time!

After our shopping and touring we decided to call it a day. We needed a break and one of us was craving Medeterranean food...bet ya can't guess who! So off to Byblos Mediterranean Restaurant. It too was fantastic!

I can't resist sharing this pic of Jen! This is after dinner in front of Byblos. Isn't she glowing?? Only 10 more weeks until our little Peanut is due. Grandma can hardly wait!