Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking Time to Smell the Roses!

Thanks Mom and Dad for the beautiful bouquet! They were greatly appreciated! At least there was something to be happy about when I turned 50! Oh lord I can't believe it! Fifty...hhhmmmmmmm....does that mean I have to start acting differently now? Nope! As George W used to say...or maybe it was a comedian pretending to be him..."not gonna do it!" I refuse! I'll still be seen wearing my torn jeans when I'm painting, I'll still have my car radio tuned to the rock stations when I'm in a happy mood and you won't see any gray hair! Only thing different is I think I'll enjoy them more than I ever did. As time rolls on I know things change. But some changes can be good. One I've noticed is I have more appreciation. Appreciation for things that when you are much younger you just kind of take for granted. I notice little things that perhaps I didn't in the past....although I've always been one that pretty much takes time to smell the roses. Of course, my rose smelling wasn't always fully appreciated by others! Some people don't see it the way I do and view it as silly or perhaps too unorganized. I see it as a need....a time to daydream...a time to bask in a moment...at time to gather a little peace for yourself. Doesn't everyone need that? If you haven't done it for awhile...here's my advice. Stop and smell the roses. Enjoy the life given to you no matter what age you happen to be!