Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finding some order in my chaos.....

Well, the holidays are over, a new year is beginning and I am so looking forward to it! Last year had many ups and downs...to say the least! But out of chaos you find a different order takes hold. Such a thing has brought me to a beautiful warm climate that I totally enjoy. But it also brought me to a much smaller home. Between the holidays, new jobs, moving and graduations I've been trying to organize my studio space. Finally, I'm happy to say, I think I have it going my way.

Have I mentioned that I love the house we have here??? It is so adorable and has a wonderful "feel" to it. I knew as soon as I saw it that the porch area would be perfect for my studio! All those windows and the palest shade of blue painted on the brick walls!

My studio area, to some, probably looks more like a playroom! I love surrounding myself with dolls, toys and vintage children clothing.It helps put me in a creative mode when I'm surrounded by them. They are objects which have true affection attached. I look at them and my mind wonders to the original owners. What little girl loved the doll I now hold in my hand??? What mother, grandmother, aunt or friend carefully stitched the children's
garments that now hang in my humble armoire???

So the studio area is nearly complete. Soon it will be filled with a new kind of chaos as I begin spending hours of creative time tucked away in my happy place!