Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Life gets so busy sometimes!

It has been so longed since I've been at my blog!  I've actually missed looking at everyone elses blogs more than posting myself.  Thank heaven for Pinterest so I didn't have total creative withdrawal!!  Life just gets so busy!!

In the midst of all life's chaos, which included family deaths, both children getting married and another unexpected move,  I decided it was time to reduce my collections of dolls, fabrics and doll making supplies.  I have accumulated a LOT of stuff!!!  My own things plus some of my mother's things.  Three years ago, when she passed away,  I traveled to Ohio, loaded up a Uhaul and brought a lot of her doll supplies and collections back to Alabama.  I didn't really sort much then with the intention of doing that task when I could actually think more clearly.  That's when things got hectic! 

With storage containers piled to the ceiling of my garage, my neighbors thinking a hoarder had just moved in next door, I knew the time had come to start sorting and reducing.  And just like an episode of Hoarders, Buried Alive, I have been slowly going through each container with piles for Keep, Sell and Donate.  Goodwill shoppers have gotten some great things these past few months!  Good news is my car actually is in the garage again, bad news is its a Honda Fit and doesn't require much space!  But it's better than it was!

So now wanting to do some blogging again, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to combine the tasks and share my latest auction listings.  As I dig deeper into the storage boxes I'll be listing more antique and collectible dolls, doll molds, supplies, patterns and fabrics.  I guess it's just going to take awhile!
So here are a few things I've listed on Ebay this week.  Believe me these are real bargains!!  If you're interested in doll making, collecting or sewing, check back often!  I am determined to get my garage cleared out by this fall!

All Listings have been sold!!!  Thank you!!!
14" French Compo Body Unstrung

Small Father Christmas Doll

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