Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Canadian Smocking Pillow

The things you can find on YouTube is a wonderful thing!

 When I was little, which was a long time ago, my grandmother used to make pillows that were smocked.  Even when I was small the smocking on them mesmerized me.  My mom even tried her hand and made these pillows for our home.

Years passed, grandma passed away, but those pillows stayed on my mind.  Now I was older and smocking dresses for my daughter I asked my mom how they were made.  Sadly, much like family recipes, she couldn't remember exactly how it was done and of course it wasn't something that had a pattern.  For years I've been searching how to make those pillows.

Today as I was looking at doll making tutorials this just happened to pop up!  To make sure it isn't lost forever I decided to share it here.   Hopefully I'll get motivated to make a few now!   

This is a very retro 1960's look.   As I remember they were almost always made of corduroy.   So if you're into retro decorating or just want to try a fun are the detailed instructions by Debbie Shore on how to make Canadian smocked pillows!

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