Monday, April 30, 2012

Antique Doll Marked DEP

Check out my latest EBay auctions!  I’ve listed another antique doll from my collection.  Just not enough room for all these dolls!  I would rather they were in a new home to be displayed and adored ….not stored in boxes. 

Marked DEP…she wears her original ethnic costume


You can find her here…..Antique DEP Doll

I also listed some wallpaper border that I bought before we moved.  I loved this border when I bought it and had it my studio in Ohio but have no place for it here.  Great price for 4 rolls of York wallpaper border!


It’s a little over 10” tall and has great muted colors.  Someone will get a bargain!  You can find the listing here….Antique Wallpaper Border

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