Friday, February 24, 2012

My Carousel Horse….


In previous posts I’ve shown some of the carved pieces my folks have made for me over the years.  Today I’m posting a few pictures of my favorite piece…my beautiful, full sized carousel horse! 


I can remember my mom researching the paint, the wood and the type of horse she wanted.  You must realize this is not a kit!  There were no precut pieces or paint by numbers.  It started out as just a pile of blocked wood!  carosel2I remember checking on the progress of the carving as my dad worked to get every detail just right. Finally it was time to paint and that meant their traveling to find the gold leaf, jewels and paint that was used to restore antique horses.  My mother painted every stroke to get the exact look she wanted.  After weeks of carving and painting the horse was finished and was proudly displayed in my parents living room. 


Now I am the privileged keeper and he sits in my sewing room.  I still have two of my mom’s Himstedt dolls riding on top of him just the way she had displayed them.  I guess some things never change! 

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