Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm new to needlepunch

I am new to needlepunch...but I think this could be a long relationship! I love keeping my hands busy. It's like therapy. And to be quite honest a girl can only use so many hand crocheted dishcloths! I love working on the dolls but that is a whole different state of mind. With needlepunch, once you have the colors charted on the pattern you're good to go. I love it!! My prim twin Mary has been telling me for months that I should try it. She's actually addicted to it and now I'm not sure I won't be too!

I used a pattern from Country Stitches for my project. I had a little problem with my needle so my stitches aren't as even as I'd like them to be. But the longer I punched, the better my stitches got. I still need to tea stain my work and make it into whatever for disply....but I have to admit I like it!


Mary said...

Nice job there Prim Twin. I would say it's a dark enough pattern that staining wouldn't be of any benefit. can't wait to see your own pattern done now.

Punch On Prim Twin. :o)

Whispering Hills Studio said...

Thanks Mary!! I think it's dark enough too! Now I can't wait to get a pattern started...I think it is addictive! =)