Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Queen Anne Style Dolls

I am facinated by the old Queen Anne dolls!  I'm sure they aren't a doll that appeals to everyone but you have to admire them.  The more I see them the more beautiful they become.  An origianl Queen Anne doll would sell at auction  between $20,000 to $70,000....depending of course on condition.  You will notice that the real detail of these dolls is the head and costuming.  The body is very basic carved wood....nothing fancy. But the costumes are to die for!  Enjoy the few pictures I have added.  These were taken from auction sights or museum pages since I'm unsure of copywrite on many websights. 

While on my quest for the Queen Annes I came across a great little informational blog called Dolllinks.  It has a wealth of information on it!  Everything from identification of antique dolls to tips on cleaning and repair.  Is it any wonder I loose hours of my day???  So much information, so little time!

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