Thursday, July 16, 2009

Girl Friends and Diaper Cakes

I'm such a bad blogger! I think I'm going to update and never get it done. But I do have good excuses! Since I last posted, my dear friend Linda came to visit from Ohio and there was a surprise shower for Jen. Of course I had to get things ready before Linda came to visit and adjust after she left so that is at least a month's worth of blog days! We had a wonderful time just doing the "girl" things. Shopping and beach days....ahhhhhh, so nice when shared with a girl friend!

While she was here we went to New Orleans for a surprise shower for Jen. Some of Jen's dear med school friends were in town for a conference and decided to have a shower for her. They were kind enough to invite us too!

I finally had a chance to have my hand at making a diaper cake. These are so easy to make! I decided to decorate mine to look more like a cake decorated with silk flowers, lace and ribbon. (Of course I filled my baby bottle supports with peanut M&M's for Jen!) Some are decorated with toys and other baby items. No matter what way you decorate them, they are a great gift! What new mother can't use a hundred diapers???

What a wonderful time we had! Scrumptious dinner at KPaul's (Chef Paul was actually there) then we wondered the French Quarter and finished up around midnight with cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

I never tire of the Quarter! As we wondered the gas lit streets I couldn't help but think how lucky I was! There we all were...two generations of girlfriends...talking, laughing and sharing a wonderful evening. Definitely one of those "priceless" moments!