Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Little Blast From the Past!

I don't know if it's moving to a sunny warm place or the realization that my "baby" is having a baby but.....I'm just in a pretty happy little mood! I was looking at old pictures and thought they would be a fun thing to add to my blog. So I gathered a couple of the best pictures of my husband Don and I for sharing. Boy were we really young in these pictures! As I cropped and saved my mood just kept getting sillier so I thought I had to change the music on my playlist too. This is one of those posts that has no deep message. It's just a little fun one. I guess if there is a message here it's to be thankful and enjoy the present but also remember the fun times you've had in the past!

This is my husband Don....Senior year of high school

And this is me showing my Quarter Horse....Honey Bee Baby