Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Update on Floradora antique doll....

I have relisted the AM Floradora doll this week on EBay.  If you are bargain hunting this doll is for you!!!  I have lowered the asking price to $65.00....what a deal!!! She's a great little beginner for antique doll lovers collection!  Pictures are on the post below.

Here is a link to the auction.....AM Floradora Antique Doll

I will be listing more next week so check back!!  I must reduce this stash of dolls and doll related items!!  Ran out of time this week to take pictures and list.

I'm heading out tomorrow to New Orleans for Grandparent's Day!  Y'all know that comes before everything else!!! 

Note:  The JD Kestner doll is still available but not on auction at this time.  Please contact me if you are interested!!  Pictures are in previous post.

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