Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simon & Helbig Little Women Doll

I just listed this little cutie on EBay.  Isn’t she adorable??? 


Made by the German doll makers of Simon & Halbig, these little bisque shoulderhead dolls were sold undressed in the early 1900’s.  Even though they are a petite 6” tall, they have glass set eyes and nicely painted features.


Her original ringlet curl wig is still in it’s original set!  Too cute!!


Ok, so her body is looking a bit old and has a few age spots.  Hey who wouldn’t have a few issues at her age???  Nothing a beautiful little dress won’t hide!!

You can bid on her at my EBay page!


Mary said...

I just had a peek at your auction. Thats a really great start price for this beautiful dolly. She usually sells for over $300. I hope she does well for you.


Whispering Hills Studio said...

Thanks Mary! Hope she sells so I can pay for my new phone! lol