Monday, October 12, 2009

It's October already!!  Soon it will be Halloween and then the "big" holidays will be right around the corner.  I love Halloween!  I love everything from the costumes to the smell of home made popcorn balls.  Fall always meant Halloween parties, hay rides and weiner roasts and the kids always loved it!  It was a time to throw a party that everyone could attend and no one had to bring a gift or wear an elaborate outfit.  When the kids were little we had kids dress up parties with cousins and friends.  As they got older we went to "haunted" houses and corn mazes.  All of it was a fun time! 

We were raised in small town Ohio.  Evil thoughts weren't associated with Halloween.  Even our country Lutheran church hosted Halloween parties.  One of those I remember attending dressed in a Devils costume....and winning a prize for the scariest!  Trick or treat night we went to every house in the dark!  The words "sexual predator" weren't invented yet.  No worry about eating only wrapped candy either.  We hurried to Mrs. Hatfield's house before she ran out of her home made candy apples and popcorn balls!  Before the night ended everyone stopped by the fire station to get a home made donut and apple cider before going home to marval at all the loot we collected in our paper bags. 

After I had kids of my own things still hadn't changed too much.  Trick or Treat night was still after dark.  When you saw the local police cruisers you knew they were "armed" with bags of candy for the asking.  It did however change to the wrapped candy only policy and we were more aware of going to those houses occupied by people you knew.   There were fewer homes with the lights on to signal that treats were being handed out.  But young teenagers still asked the question of how old was too old to trick or treat for candy...hoping the answer would be 18. 

There are so many memories of Halloween and good times!  No wonder it was always my favorite!!